China Accuses Britain of Stirring Up Trouble In The Contested Waterway

"The People's Liberation Army Navy is at a high state of combat readiness," China warns the UK's Carrier Strike Group.

UK's HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier pictured in South China Sea
UK's HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier/Picture credit: CNN

“The People’s Liberation Army Navy is at a high state of combat readiness,” China warns the UK’s Carrier Strike Group.

It comes after UK`s HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier led the way for the UK Carrier Strike Group sailing through the contested South China Sea. The pro-government Global Times voiced the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP)`s warning to Britain this week after its entry.

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The move taken by the British aircraft carrier strike group is an attempt to “relive the glory days of the British Empire,” Wu Shicun, president of China’s National Institute for South China Sea Studies said.

In an article posted on the PLA’s English-language website, Wu penned: “The latest voyage of British aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth is not simply what London calls a crossing of South China Sea waters in accordance with international law, but is a carefully planned trick serving multiple purposes.”

“It’s no secret that the UK has been acting in complicity with the US on the South China Sea issue, closely following its lead and dancing to its tune,” Wu wrote.

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“The South China Sea was a symbol of Britain’s glorious colonial past, through which the old-time empire that prided itself on its worldwide colonies shipped back the fortune and treasures it plundered in Asia,” added Wu.

The British government`s deployment of HMS Queen Elizabeth and its escort ships seems like its making headway to its bid to play a more prominent role in global security.

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