UK`s Quarantine Exemptions Risk An Upsurge In Covid Cases

As other countries are being downgraded on the UK`s list for quarantine, Spain could be placed on the "amber plus" for quarantine. 

Holidaymakers face chaos
Holidaymakers/Picture credit: Daily Mail

As other countries are being downgraded on the UK`s list for quarantine, Spain could be placed on the “amber plus” for quarantine.

It comes after the lifting of almost all coronavirus restrictions in the UK. The government is banking on its “effective” vaccination program to get the economy of the country back on track following the impact of the pandemic.

Millions of vacationists could see themselves having to self-isolate especially those who will be coming from areas that have been upgraded on the UK`s list for quarantine.

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A Whitehall source said: “The situation in Spain is beginning to feel a lot like the build-up to the decision on France. The Department of Health are getting very jumpy about the number of Beta cases in parts of the country.

“We’re not talking about the main tourist hotspots, but that might not make any difference – it didn’t with France.”

Meanwhile, countries with decreasing coronavirus cases are now on the verge of being downgraded. According to Whitehall sources, France has a high probability of being downgraded to “amber” in the upcoming week whilst Germany and Austria could go green.

However, Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner has expressed criticism of the government`s plan for quarantine exemptions.

“This is reckless. We know that the Delta variant came into this country and delayed the lifting of some of the restrictions and caused infections here,” she told Sky News.

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“We need to make sure that we have got data-driven analysis and we look at an international passport for vaccines.

“We also know that people who have had the vaccine of course can still get the virus, so a testing regime is very important and crucial as well.

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