Boris Johnson On The Verge Of Fixing The Crisis In Social Care

About two years ago, Boris Johnson had promised that he had a plan to "fix the crisis in social care" in England.

Boris Johnson ‘backs new tax to fund social care plan’
Elderly woman in care/Picture credit: Independent

About two years ago, Boris Johnson had promised that he had a plan to “fix the crisis in social care” in England.

The prime minister who is said to be in support of the plans for a new tax to fund long-overdue reforms to social care is now on the verge of honouring the promises he made in July 2019.

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According to a government source, Downing Street is in support of the idea of “some sort of tax” to cover universal social care.

During the coronavirus crisis, there have been serious shortages in PPE and many workers and patients in care were seriously impacted by the pandemic. There were many Covid cases recorded in care homes hence the government had to prioritise care homes in their vaccination programme.

Last week, the new health secretary Sajid Javid said that he could not put “an exact date” on the commitment, but hoped a “general sense of direction” could soon be revealed by his department.

The charity director of Age UK, Caroline Abrahams highlighted the need to give a quick response to the social care crisis.

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“If a credible package of social care refinancing and reform requires a tax rise, so be it, provided it’s fair. It would be worth it for the reassurance and dignity we all gained in return,” she said.

Although the plans for social care are still being finalised,  there are “huge efforts from No10 to get the thing over the line”.

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