Rashford`s Fans Create `Something Beautiful Out Of Something Negative’

'Something beautiful out of something negative,' Rashford`s fans repaired the damage that had been done on his mural by disappointed fans.

Marcus Rashford mural messages of support to be preserved
Rashford mural tributes/Picture credit: BBC

‘Something beautiful out of something negative,’ Rashford`s fans repaired the damage that had been done on his mural by disappointed fans.

It came after England lost to Italy in the Euros 2020. Many fans felt let down and racially abused the footballer on social media for missing his penalty. Damages were also made to Marcus Rashford`s mural.

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Det Insp Matt Gregory said: “The actions of a small number of people overshadowed what was a hugely unifying event for our country on Sunday evening.

“We are firm in our commitment, any racist abuse whether online or off is not acceptable.”

Hundreds of people have visited the artwork and left tributes to the Manchester United star with heart-shaped post-its and adorned it with England flags.

Fans left notes of support on the footballer`s mural and it was painted on the side of the Coffee House Cafe on Copson Street. A final decision on whether the notes and messages of support would be “retained, recorded and if possible displayed,” Ed Wellard, who commissioned the mural, said.

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“Lost for words,” Marcus Rashford thanked well-wishers after emotional scenes at mural He expressed that he was sorry for missing the penalty. I “wished it had gone differently,” the footballer said as he showed appreciation of the notes left on the mural.

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