Health Professionals` Mixed Messages Cause Anxiety In Pregnant Women

"As people cast off their masks in wild abandon, the majority of pregnant women are being forced into a lockdown of their own", Brealey said. 

‘Mixed advice’ driving Covid vaccine hesitancy in pregnant UK women
Pregnant woman/Picture credit: News Medical Life Sciences

“As people cast off their masks in wild abandon, the majority of pregnant women are being forced into a lockdown of their own”, Brealey said.

After a lengthy period of lockdown and restrictions, many people across the UK can not wait for the  ‘freedom day’. A number of individuals have begun to neglect Covid rules like the wearing of masks and social distancing.

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Most individuals have already taken the vaccine but there are reports of vaccine hesitancy among pregnant women. This is due to different messages circulating about how Covid vaccines could negatively impact pregnant women.

The anxiety which is driven by the dangerously mixed messages from health professionals could cause carrying mothers to get into “another lockdown”  of their own, a survey of nearly 9,000 pregnant women by Pregnant Then Screwed, a campaigning group found.

“The idea of ‘freedom day’ is a complete nonsense for hundreds of thousands of pregnant women,” Joeli Brearley, the founder of the group said.

A social media consultant, Jen Thorne wrote on Pregnant Then Screwed`s Twitter page expressing her surprise after a midwife said to her: “Probably don’t want to risk another thalidomide situation by having the vaccine.”

Elizabeth Crompton wrote: “I was asked if I was sure I wanted to take the risk by the GP employed specifically by the vaccine hub to consent pregnant women. He asked if I wouldn’t rather wait until I had the baby.”

Certainly, these are the only women who have felt judged and had to re-contemplate going ahead with taking the vaccine. Probably some had to refrain from taking the Covid vaccine after these messages.

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According to the UK`s Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI), pregnant women who get symptomatic Covid-19 infection were two to three times more likely to give birth to their baby prematurely.

“It is high time pregnant women’s needs are considered and prioritized by the government before more tragedies occur,” said Brearley.

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