Rejoiners Group Calls On UK Govt. To Re-join EU’s ‘EEA’ For Access To Climate Change Data

Rejoiners Group Calls On UK Govt. To Re-join EU's 'EEA' For Access To Climate Change Data - SurgeZirc UK
Rejoiners Group Calls On UK Govt. To Re-join EU's 'EEA' For Access To Climate Change Data / Photo credit: Getty Images

‘European Movement UK’ a group known to be one of Britain’s most prominent anti-Brexit organizations is actively demanding that the UK should rejoin the EU’s European Environment Agency (EEA) after it claimed that Brexit has had a negative impact on the UK.

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After leaving the EU formally in January 2020, the European Movement UK group which is reportedly Britain’s largest grassroots pro-European network is saying that the impact of Brexit on Britain is too negative and demands the government return some powers back to Brussels.

One of the group’s most recent report stated that Brexit has had a negative impact on the UK and calls for closer relations between the EU and the UK which includes rejoining the EEA which Britain left with other EU institutions, as a third country when it exited.

“The UK should re-join the European Environmental Agency as a third country for access to data and expertise in the fight against climate change,” the group’s document read.

The European Union founded the EEA in 1990, with the aim of improving environmental quality around European countries and it currently has 32 members, most of which are also EU member states, as well as six cooperating nations.

The European Movement UK was active on the list of groups that worked to stop Brexit from happening and were one of the founding members of the People’s Vote campaign as it held marches, lobbied politicians, and pushed for a second EU membership referendum.

The group’s stands on rejoining the EEA argues that doing so would help Britain fight climate change, “Climate change is a global crisis that doesn’t respect borders. To better inform environmental policy-making in the UK, good sharing of data and knowledge with neighbouring countries is essential.

“Membership of the European Environment agency allows the sharing of data, knowledge, environmental monitoring and scientific collaboration. Thirty-nine countries are members of the agency, and you don’t have to be in the EU play a part.

“As a third country, the UK can join the European Environment Agency. Doing so will enable the UK to have a seat at the table, giving policymakers a say and enabling us to draw on the best evidence to ensure that standards are met.”

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Lord Adonis, who’s a passionate anti-Brexit campaigner and former Labour minister, took charge as the chairperson of the European Movement last month and he is now openly calling for the UK to rejoin the EU in full.

After Britain left the Brexit transition period on December 31, Lord Adonis tweeted, “The campaign for Britain to rejoin Europe starts at midnight.” Now, his group is also calling for the government to rejoin the EU’s Erasmus scheme for students.

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