Apple Removes Its “Far Beyond HDR” Language For The Pro Display XDR In The UK

Apple Removes Its Far Beyond HDR Language For The Pro Display XDR In The UK - SurgeZirc UK
Apple Removes Its "Far Beyond HDR" Language For The Pro Display XDR In The UK / Photo credit: Engadget

Apple has actually tweaked its marketing system for the Pro Display XDR in the UK after an investigation by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). The tech company informally resolved an ASA matter last week and, a 9to5Mac report shows that it was related to the 32-inch Retina 6K screen.

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As it stands, Apple has backed down on marketing the Pro Display XDR as “far beyond HDR” on the product page in the UK. ASA reportedly requested that the company remove the language after it received complaints about it and investigated it.

The idea behind the language, according to Apple is that with XDR or (Extreme Dynamic Range) and its backlighting tech, the monitor “takes brightness, contrast and colour to a new level” that was “far beyond HDR.”

The UK product page for the Pro Display XDR now includes a note stating the monitor supports 99 per cent of the P3 wide colour gamut and not the entire range. But the page remains the same in other countries as the investigation was only in connection to Apple’s UK marketing.

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The ASA also had concerns over the Pro Display XDR having a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio, as Apple was claiming. A 9to5Mac report claims that the company is running independent tests to verify that, but for now, the claim remains on the display’s product page.

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