Joe Biden Dislike For Brexit Britain EXPOSED, Supports ‘European Integration’ 

“The European Union was formed in order to take advantage of us on trade, and that's what they've done,” Trump added.

Joe Biden Dislike For Brexit Britain EXPOSED, Supports European Integration - SurgeZirc UK
Joe Biden Dislike For Brexit Britain EXPOSED, Supports 'European Integration' / Photo credit: The Times

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden will not support Britains’s Brexit movement rather will concentrate on building closer ties with the European Union and will obviously make a statement in support of “European integration” if he comes out victorious in the US presidential race. 

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Anthony Gardner, a former American ambassador to the EU, and Biden’s foreign policy adviser described Brexit in his speech in Germany as “the biggest own-goal that I’ve seen in my lifetime”. He’s also a possible US ambassador to Britain if Biden becomes president.

On the contrary, President Donald Trump has at many occasion flagged his support for Brexit and described the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson as his “friend”. It’s also important to note that the UK hasn’t signed a trade deal with the US yet, which may “stagger” under a Biden led administration.

On Tuesday Biden made an address at Berlin’s ESMT business school saying, according to the Sunday Telegraph, “If Biden is elected, I believe quickly, perhaps first day, there will be a declaration of support for the European Union, declaration of support for European integration, declaration of support in favour of NATO, the lynchpin of transatlantic alliance, which has been weakened because of this administration’s policies.”

Meanwhile, the incumbent president ahead of the 2016 presidential election described himself as “Mr Brexit”, and he clashed too many times with the EU on trade talks while noting during a CBS interview in 2018 that, “nobody treats us much worse than the European Union”.

“The European Union was formed in order to take advantage of us on trade, and that’s what they’ve done,” Trump added.

While speaking in Berlin Gardner said, “I won’t talk about Brexit, I’ve lived it, everyone’s bored by it, Europe needs to move on. It’s the biggest own-goal that I’ve seen in my lifetime. All of the analysis that we did under the Obama administration, which was intensive, we looked at all the areas of our interaction with Europe.

“Our conclusion was that in almost every area Brexit would be negative for the United States, for Europe and for the UK. That analysis I believe has proven to be correct.

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Donald Trump has only believed that the US-UK link was important, he was a cheerleader for Brexit.

“Joe Biden believes that the triangle of relationships, US-UK, UK-EU, US and EU, all have to work together, and you will see statements to that effect.”

According to the Sunday Telegraph if Biden becomes president he could embark on a mini-tour of the EU in the spring of 2021, and there is currently no sign that he will visit the UK.

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