Officers Disproportionately Apply Brutal Techniques On Black People

In the wake of campaigns against inequality in the UK, several complaints of police officers targeting black people have been raised.

Met Police 'four times more likely' to use force on black people
White officers use force against a black man/ Picture credit: London Daily Report

In the wake of campaigns against inequality in the UK, several complaints of police officers targeting black people have been raised.

The most recent figures have suggested that the Metropolitan Police officers are four times more likely to use force and restraint techniques against black people compared with the white population.

The new figures revealed that in 2019-20, Met used force 159,000 times and more than 33 per cent of the incidents involved black people. An analysis of the Met Police data has shown that restraint techniques and unarmed skills, including wristlocks, strikes, takedowns and ground pinning – are three times more likely to be used on black people than white people.

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According to a serving officer, police found black people “more threatening and aggressive”.

A number of black people reported that police officers had disproportionately used force against them on separate incidents. Nathan Addae, a black man who was arrested for alleged taxi touting, said that he considered suicide after he was knocked unconscious during the arrest.

He described how he was carried by six officers to the police van and accused of resisting arrest, as well as assaulting an officer, however, the magistrates cleared all his charges.

A former chief inspector in the Met Police, Rod Charles, the great uncle of Rashan Charles, a 20-year-old boy who died after being restrained by police in July, said that “the majority of police do good work”.

Mr Charles said that he “stands firmly with any officer who has to use lethal force and the highest level of force when necessary”.

He added: “We also need to acknowledge that some police officers are letting society down. There are some people who think that there is a superior race and superior beings to others.

“If you have those people in the police force they will treat people in an inhuman way. As a manager, I always forgave a mistake. But racism and prejudice, that’s not a mistake, that’s a personality trait.”

The surging numbers of complaints of police brutality and use of force against black people has prompted the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) to launch an investigation into several incidents of evident disproportionate use of force across London.

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