NSPCC Records A Surge In Cases Of Child Abuse During Lockdown

A charity has revealed that the number of cases of child abuse reported during the coronavirus lockdown increased across the UK.

Record numbers contact NSPCC during lockdown with child welfare concerns
A record number of people contacted the NSPCC with child welfare concerns/ Picture credit: Independent

A charity has revealed that the number of cases of child abuse reported during the coronavirus lockdown increased across the UK.

Since the beginning of the lockdown, a record number of people across the country have contacted the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) helpline, raising concerns over children.

It has been revealed that over 22,000 adults contacted the children`s charity between the April and June, with the greatest concerns over the behaviour of parents, neglect as well as physical and emotional abuse.

The record shows an increase of almost 32 per cent on monthly average for three months preceding the lockdown. During the month of May, 8,287 calls were made to the helpline, the highest figure ever recorded within one month.

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About four in every ten calls received were referred on to local authorities or police for further action, which according to the charity is a slight increase on levels prior to the lockdown.

A study which was published in the journal Archives of Disease in Childhood at the beginning of this month stated: “The complex links between abuse, mental health, substance misuse, and socioeconomic circumstances are often interdependent and cannot be effectively addressed in isolation.”

The NSPCC has been calling on the government of the UK to urgently effectuate a children`s recovery strategy.

The chief executive, Peter Wanless, said: “The home has become an increasingly unhealthy and even dangerous place for some children. We must all play our part in supporting children to recover from the mental and physical harm many will have suffered these past few months.

“Government’s role is crucial, and it must put in place a detailed recovery plan which will support children and young people, and make sure they can receive the expert help they need if they have had difficult or damaging experiences.

“Putting children at the heart of recovery planning and taking this action quickly will mean the crisis of the last three months does not scar the childhood of a whole generation,” he added.

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