Brussels Latest Plan To Get Younger Britons Rejoin The EU Sparks Outrage

Under a heading “communication programmes requiring an adaptation of the rules”, the EU officials outlined five major opportunities why they need to target young Britons.

Brussels Latest Plan To Get Younger Britons Rejoin The EU Sparks Outrage - SurgeZirc UK
Brussels Latest Plan To Get Younger Britons Rejoin The EU Sparks Outrage / Photo credit: Getty Images

Fight against Brexit may be far from being over as EU chiefs are currently creating programs to target young rejoiners in the UK, a leaked internal document that was obtained by Express UK has shown.

According to the news platform, the document shows the bloc is working on plans that will target the “younger generation” in the UK because of perceived support for the Brussels project.

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The objective is the reason why the European Parliament will keep and maintain its office in London so it would be easier to orchestrate the spread of pro-EU agenda across the country, the outlet referenced the blueprint.

Brussels officials will “continue to engage with British citizens as well as the EU27 citizens living in the country. To this end, Parliament’s activities include a liaison function with national and regional authorities, media relations and outreach to citizens and stakeholders,” the note is quoted to have said.

Klaus Welle, who’s the EU Parliament’s secretary-general, stated the need to specifically target pro-Brussels citizens in Britain.

Welle’s memo adds, “With reference to citizen and stakeholder communication and outreach, the Office will focus its actions on the and foster contacts with the millions of EU27 national what exercised their right of free movement to come to the UK and now find themselves in a third country.

“And with UK citizens, especially the younger generation, of whom 71 per cent voted to remain in the EU.”

It was also made clear to MEPs on the Bureau committee, that quite a number of the rules would have to be tweaked somehow so that their operations can continue in Britain.

Under a heading “communication programmes requiring an adaptation of the rules”, the EU officials outlined five major opportunities why they need to target young Britons.

Part of the five includes allowing anti-Brexit MEPs to continue inviting groups of British residents for trips to the Parliament using EU funds while tweaking rules so Britons can have access to participate in “Opinion Multiplier Group” events.

There is also a move to help MEPs interact with British schools, including organising trips to visit Brussels or Strasbourg. For an instance, the “European Parliament Ambassador Schools” scheme has been amended to include “all member states and former member states”.

“Opinion multiplier groups, youth groups and organisations will be able to participate in debates and events offered by the European Parliament like the European Youth Event, which brings together thousands of young Europeans every two years in Strasbourg and online.

“UK schools will also be able to participate in Euroscola, an immersive experience that takes place in the Chamber of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, allowing secondary school students to learn about European integration by experiencing it first-hand.

“UK schools can also take part in the European Parliament Ambassador Schools Programme,” an official EU Parliament statement read.

Some pro-Brexit supporters have started calling for the shutdown of EU office in London since EU states have embassies representing them, while some others advice that EU activities in the UK like school programs should be monitored closely to avoid contaminating the younger Britons.

One statement reads, “We should have a Dubai-style law that makes it a very serious Criminal offense to promote any agenda that is detrimental to the interests of the Country. The EUSSR can be prosecuted by ‘trial in absentia’, and anybody found guilty can be extradited over here and jailed.”

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Another wrote as a comment, “OUTRAGEOUS, hope Boris puts a stop to this…have maintained always, the TYRANT’S are never to be trusted, they are devious and undemocratic The lengths they will try and go to, to stop our GREAT COUNTRY going forward, oh and of course not forget our money these robbers want to get their greedy hands on.”

“I hope these programs are blocked by the U.K. government. Surely they can’t do this without permission,” someone commented. Meanwhile, someone said the agender is already having an effect in schools… “Brainwashing by the EU from these offices must be prohibited. It has already had an effect on the young in our schools and universities.”

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1 month ago

Seems sensible since the rejoin campaign started on the 1st February 2020 and there is already 5 years worth of people waiting on their first vote on the Issue of EU membership, a considerable chance of the generation yet to be offered a choice in it and those born in the EU.

1 month ago

Johnson and his Cabinet of Chaos think that leaving the EU gives them a mandate to tear up human rights, workers rights and stop access to the European Court of Human Rights… Not so! The European Council, the ECHR and ECtHR all precede the EU and signatory to these is separate from the EU… Read below: There are 47 Member States or Signatories to the Council of Europe or if you prefer the European Council of which the UK is one. According to Wikipedia the UK is one of the Founding signatories on 5th May 1949 along with other Founding… Read more »