Joe Biden`s Militarised Inauguration Blows The US`s Democratic Credibility

The United States might continue to face a democratic crisis following the Capitol attack by Donald Trump`s supporters.

‘The world is watching’: Biden’s militarised inauguration the ultimate test of America’s claim as ‘leader of the free world’
Heavily armed members of the National Guard are keeping watch over the US presidential inauguration this week/Picture credit: Independent

The United States might continue to face a democratic crisis following the Capitol attack by Donald Trump`s supporters.

In an effort to avoid any disruption as Joe Biden takes the oath today, as many as 25,000 members of the National Guard – heavily armed and in full camouflage – will be standing guard the nation`s capital during the inauguration.

The 59th Presidential Inauguration at the US Capitol in Washington will look unlike any other amid a pandemic and political unrest. Normally, a parade down Pennsylvania would take place but this time there will be a memorial at Arlington National Cemetery instead.

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Hundreds of thousands of people would congregate on the Capitol grounds and on the National Mall but this time thousands of national guards will be standing watch instead.

House Foreign Affairs ranking member Michael McCaul said: “The U.S. Presidential Inauguration is a time when we remind the world what a democracy looks like, how the presidential office doesn’t rest with one individual, rather with the very ideals of our free nation.

“This sends the message to everyone that, no matter what, America values democracy and that free and fair elections work.”

All the changes probing the question, `What does the United States stand for? ` and the guardians of American diplomacy to issue again a grave reminder “The world is watching. Dictators are taking note.”

In a speech on chamber floor on Tuesday, SenateDemocratic Leader Chuck Schumer said: “As we speak, there are more troops around the Capitol than there are in Afghanistan.

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“No force — no force — will prevent tomorrow’s Constitutional proceedings from taking place,” he said, noting that the transition period between the 2020 election and Mr Biden’s inauguration has been “anything but peaceful.”

Donald Trump who leaves the White House in impeachment for inciting attempts to impede a peaceful transfer of presidential power.

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