Guaidó Urges Venezuelans To Weigh In To Reject Maduro`s “Dictatorship”

Venezuelans across the world have been urged to take part in a “people`s consultation” to reject President Nicolas Maduro`s “dictatorship”.

Venezuela opposition holds 'consultation' to bolster support
Venezuela Guaido/Picture credit: Independent

Venezuelans across the world have been urged to take part in a “people`s consultation” to reject President Nicolas Maduro`s “dictatorship”.

Recently, Maduro won the congressional elections after the opposition party boycotted, claiming the vote was fraudulent manoeuvre meant to secure the president`s power.

PoliticianJuan Guaidó, who leads the campaign as head of the outgoing National Assembly said: “Venezuelans, wherever you are in the world, you’re part of this process” adding that people crave a way “reject this dictatorship.”

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The opposition leaders said the “people`s consultation” will unify Maduro`s opponents including millions of Venezuelans who fled the nation`s hyperinflation and the lack of essential services like water, gas and gasoline. Guaido urged all Venezuelans to weigh in via cell phone apps or at in-person polling stations in Venezuela, other Latin American nations, the US and Europe.

During a broadcasted political rally on Thursday, Maduro dismissed the referendum accusing the opposition of trying to stir up violent street demonstrations and prompting US sanctions.

“Nobody can think that a consultation by internet has any legal or constitutional value,” the president said.

In 2019, Guaido won broad support at home and from dozens of nations including the US after proclaiming himself interim president arguing that Maduro was an illegitimate leader. However, he failed to weaken Maduro`s power and his backing weakened.

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The referendum is not just meant to unite the president`s foes but to sent a message to international leaders, Risa Grais-Targow, a Venezuela analyst for the Eurasia Group said

“They’ve organized a process for their foreign partners from the U.S. to the European Union and regional governments. They can continue to back him even when he’s no longer in control of the National Assembly.”

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