Keir Starmer Faces Criticism For Ordering MPs To Sit Out A Crucial Vote

The government is now a better position to win the key vote on new coronavirus tiers to replace a nationwide lockdown.

Labour to abstain on Covid tiers vote ‘in the national interest’
Sir Keir Starmer/Picture credit: Independent

The government is now a better position to win the key vote on new coronavirus tiers to replace a nationwide lockdown.

Sir Keir Starmer has been criticized for “playing politics” amid the global pandemic after ordering his MPs to sit out a crucial vote.

“Coronavirus remains a serious threat to the public’s health and that’s why Labour accept the need for continued restrictions. We will always act in the national interest, so we will not vote against these restrictions in Parliament tomorrow,” Sir Keir said.

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He continued: “However, I remain deeply concerned that Boris Johnson’s government has failed to use this latest lockdown to put a credible health and economic plan in place.

“We still don’t have a functioning testing system, public health messaging is confused, and businesses across the country are crying out for more effective economic support to get them through the winter months. It is short-term Government incompetence that is causing long-term damage to the British economy.

“It is imperative that the Government gets control of the virus so that our NHS can be protected and our economy recovers faster.”

The Labour leader`s move has infuriated MPs from Northern areas that will be placed in the strictest Tier 3 restrictions.

Hospitality business like pubs and restaurants will remain closed in the highest alert areas, but outdoor sports will be allowed to return under the new rules.

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Following the Labour leader`s move, a No10 spokesman said: “This pandemic is one of the biggest challenges facing the country in decades and Labour have decided to abstain on it. While Keir Starmer claims he offers new leadership, it’s clear to all that he actually offers no leadership at all.

“Keir Starmer is playing politics in the middle of a global pandemic instead of working with the Government to find a way through this difficult time for the British people.”

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