Royal Fans` Campaigns Prompt Netflix To Consider Extending The Crown

Royal fans have launched online campaigns to pay tribute to the Duchess of Cornwall for her passion and tireless work.

Netflix is 'considering extending The Crown to show Prince William and Prince Harry as adults', royal expert claims - as fans rally around Duchess of Cornwall after she faced barrage of hate over her portrayal in the show
Duchess Of Cornwall/Picture credit: Daily Mail

Royal fans have launched online campaigns to pay tribute to the Duchess of Cornwall for her passion and tireless work.

The British royal faced a torrent of abuse over The Crown`s portrayal of her relationship with Prince Charles.

Many viewers have believed the fake storylines as historical fact – including the incorrect assertion that Charles and Camilla had an affair throughout the Prince’s entire relationship with Diana.

One cruel toll simple made a remark on Camilla`s picture saying they were ‘not interested’ in her while another wrote, “Camila: The world hates you. Princess Diana forever”.

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A royal expert claimed the royal fans’ campaigns to send praise to the Duchess of Cornwall online have prompted Netflix to consider extending The Crown to show “the Duke of Cambridge and Duke of Sussex as adults”.

One Royal Family fan account posted: “Some fans are initiating appreciation posts for the wonderful Duchess of Cornwall after the wave of abuse she has suffered over the past few days. Do support, share and like if you can.”

Initially, the series was meant to end with season five but Omid Scobie suggested it could be ‘extended’ beyond the two series planned currently.

“I have heard rumblings that there is talk within Netflix about the possibility of whether the show can be extended, “Finding Freedom author said.

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It was originally stated that The Crown would end before Prince William, 38, and Prince Harry, 36, became adults.

In another statement, Omid said: “When you think of how much controversy this present season has caused, this is going to be a presence in members of the Royal Family lives for some time.”

Most viewers believe whatever they see in The Crown is true and any depiction of characters in the series could give them a view of an individual even if it`s not true.

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