Comrades Dispute Grenade Incident As Cutterham Plans To Sell Medal

Soldiers who were present in Afghanistan in 2011 have thrown into doubt Deacon Cutterham`s "heroic acts" which earned him a medal.

Deacon Cutterham's medal-winning heroic actions questioned ahead of auction
Sjt Deacon Cutterham/Picture credit: BBC

Soldiers who were present in Afghanistan in 2011 have thrown into doubt Deacon Cutterham`s “heroic acts” which earned him a medal.

The former British soldier had been awarded the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross for picking up and throwing away a Taliban grenade. His plan to auction his medal collection has prompted his former colleagues in the 1st Battalion the Rifles to dispute his “heroic acts”.

One soldier said: “I don’t believe he earned that medal and now he might make money from it.” Others said they were not concerned about his medal collection but his plan to make “financial gain from this.”

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Mr Cutterman, 37, from Bristol, has been interviewed a couple of times about the grenade incident.

In an interview with the BBC in 2012, he said: “Grenade came over the top. With that, I shouted ‘grenade’. and then advanced on it, picked the grenade up and then posted it, and it literally went off as soon as I pulled my hand away – and prevented me and my lead scout from getting serious injuries or death”.

As he gave other accounts, the former soldier tended to change his statements. In another statement, he said: “I had seen exactly where it had landed but couldn’t see it in the stream.”I quickly placed my hand in the water to search for it and placed my hand directly on the grenade, shouted to take cover and posted it”.

However, former his comrades said that he planned the attack himself just to get the reward.

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His former colleagues said: “We believe a grenade was thrown, but it was his.” A soldier who conducted an equipment check when the patrol returned to base, claimed: “There was one grenade missing.”

Mr Cutter denied the claims and expressed that he was disappointed that his former comrades were questioning his heroic actions.

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