Teenager Stabs A Female Police Officer During An Arrest in London

A youngster from Barking in east London stabbed a female police officer in broad daylight and ran off with his colleagues.

Boy, 15, charged with stabbing female police officer during ‘attempted robbery’ in London
Police officers/ Picture credit: Independent

A youngster from Barking in east London stabbed a female police officer in broad daylight and ran off with his colleague.

In response to a report of a robbery at a grocery store on Sunday afternoon, the female officer and her male colleague had rushed to the scene in Westminster, London.

Following the incident, the lady was taken to the hospital for treatment, but has since been discharged. A 15-year-old boy, whose name can`t be released because of his age, has been charged with deliberately harming an officer.

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The teenager and his colleague who`s  also aged 15 from Hampshire were charged with assaulting the male officer, attempted robbery, threatening someone with a blade, assault by beating and a criminal damage.

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police said: “During the incident, the female officer received a stab wound to the abdomen. The males were later arrested and charged as above. The officer was taken to hospital, but later discharged.”

Despite sustaining an injury after being stabbed in the abdomen by the teenager, the officer continued to pursue the suspects. The teenagers were detained a while later with the help of armed police.

“This shows precisely the kind of danger officers face every single day as they work to keep the public safe. For this officer to be stabbed on duty is unacceptable but, fortunately, she does not appear to be seriously injured, Chief Inspector Simon Brooker said.

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He added: “I applaud her bravery in responding to this call. This courage is typical of Met officers as they go about their duties.”

The continuous increase in assaults of emergency workers in London is now becoming a matter of concern.

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