Nationwide Shutdown Isolation Has Taken A Toll On Our Collective Mental Health

The rest of the real effects of the shutdown will really be felt when people must assimilate back into the world. 

The Nationwide shutdown has taken a toll on people’s collective mental health. The shutdown has been implemented nationwide, isolation has taken a toll on the collective mental health. 

It is mental heath awareness month nationwide and it could not have come at a better time under the covid19 shutdown. UK has prepared a mental health awareness message on the importance of kindness. The isolation is taking a toll on everyone one, especially those who are already battling with mental health.

Being cut off from human interactions has shown how we are co dependent as a species. Even the way that this virus has spread worldwide shows how much smaller our world is. Kindness in how we navigate social media and day to day activities at home can really go a long way in these uncertain times.

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In India a study has reported that over 338 covid19 related deaths have occurred between March 19 and May 2. 80 of the 338 committed suicide from loneliness and fear of infection, of which 45 died from alcohol withdrawal symptoms and 36 died from financial distress.

This study best highlights the difficulties the shutdown has put on different homes and different backgrounds. The British police also predicted a rise in mental health related incidents during the shutdown.

The UK charity enrolled over half a million people into suicide training in advance to the shutdown. The rest of the real effects of the shutdown will really be felt when people must assimilate back into the world. 

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Then we will really see people and not statistics. The people that have died and whose desks will be empty at work. The people who lost their jobs, staying at home while others return to work. The ones whose pays will be reduced and the business owners who will be filling for bankruptcy. These are merely the financial negatives on people’s lives.

Emotional trauma incurred due to the lockdown is something that we will be dealing with for a long time to come. So for now remember to be kind to yourself and to others.


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